How We Became Who We Are

The Ultimate Christmas Emporium

Christmas Place and the shops at Bell Tower Square were founded as a family Business by Hurshel and Marian Biggs in 1986. The Bavarian-style shopping village has since become one of the top ten Christmas and Collectible stores in the United States.

Who would have known that back in 1986, a small gift shop in Pigeon Forge, TN would grow into a 43,000 square foot palace celebrating nearly everyone’s favorite holiday?

But that’s exactly what happened with Hurshel and Marian Biggs family business, located next to the town’s Old Mill center. Over the years, the family acquired more property and expanded its holiday store.

Award-Winning Retailer

Over the years, the Christmas Place has been honored for their merchandising and decorating achievements. Among the awards they have received is the “NOEL Retailer of the Year” for a Specialty Store. This annual award recognizes a company that has achieved outstanding growth and performance through excellence in merchandising Christmas products. It also recognizes the significant contributions to the Christmas Decoration Industry.

The Beauty of Christmas Year-Round

Christmas Place has won many awards from the City of Pigeon Forge in recognition of their indoor, outdoor and window decorating expertise by entering the seasonal city-sponsored decorating contests.

Because of the incredible year-round beauty of their themed-trees and displays, the Christmas Place has been chosen as the setting for numerous TV specials and magazine features through the years.